To: community groups, trade unions, students and teachers, air pollution, climate campaigners and all Londoners – Join our fight to STOP THE SILVERTOWN TUNNEL

Please join us at our ACTION PLANNING MEETING

Saturday 22 January, 2022, 11.0 am-2.30pm, 14 Baylis Road, London, SE1 7AA (2 mins walk from Waterloo rail and underground stations)

We will discuss how to oppose the Silvertown Tunnel project with

■ Community action ■ Workplace action ■ Direct action


The background

The Mayor of London is planning to build the Silvertown Tunnel, a four-lane road tunnel, a few metres east of the Blackwall Tunnel. The project would push more road traffic through Newham and Greenwich.

LOCAL: the tunnel would exacerbate air pollution problems in Newham, already one of the country’s worst-polluted boroughs, and Greenwich. Parents are already moving their children out of local schools for fear of the fumes.

GLOBAL: the tunnel, like all big road building projects, would boost greenhouse gas emissions and add to the climate emergency.

THERE ARE ALTERNATIVES: the tunnel would cost £2 billion+, that could be spent on public transport, bike lanes and other projects to make our city cleaner, better to live in and easier to travel in. We need projects for local people, not for haulage companies, City Airport and other businesses.

Our coalition

The Stop the Silvertown Tunnel coalition includes community groups, environmentalists, trade unions, political groups and residents of Newham and Greenwich. We have lobbied City Hall and written letters for three years. An earlier campaign group worked for SIX years before that!

Doctors, teachers, climate scientists, transport experts, MPs and councillors have all urged the Mayor to cancel the project.

Power is not listening!

The politicians at the COP 26 talks in Glasgow in November responded to the climate emergency with “build back better blah blah blah”. The Mayor and his colleagues are doing the same.

So we intend to step up our campaign – beyond Greenwich and Newham, across London.

Time is short. In April 2022, the tunnel-boring machine will be transported to London from Germany, where it is being built.

Fighting fund

To step up our campaign we have launched a £2,000 Fighting Fund on JustGiving. Please donate! This is for hall hire, flyers and publicity, legal and other expenses. (We will make our accounts public.)

■ Donate to our Fighting Fund at JUST GIVING LINK


Saturday 4 December, 12.00 midday-2.0pm Rathbone market, Canning Town, London E16 1EH. Day of Action against the tunnel project, supported by the Newham branch of the NEU teachers’ union.

Monday 6 December, 19.00 SSTC organising zoom call. See above.

Tuesday 7 December, 19.00 (To be confirmed.) Transport for London’s Public Community Liaison Group on the tunnel project, open to Greenwich residents, businesses and elected representatives, at the town hall, Woolwich.

Thursday 9 December, 19.00 Meeting of the Greenwich council Transport and Regeneration Scrutiny Panel, town hall, Woolwich. We will lobby panel members from 18.30.

Saturday 11 December, 12.00 midday Wood Green, outside Vue Cinema. “Die in” protest against the Edmonton Incinerator. We hope to give our support to this action against another project that is damaging to local residents and damaging ecologically.

Wednesday 15 December, 19.00 Meeting of full Greenwich council, town hall, Woolwich. We will lobby councillors from 18.30.

Thursday 16 December, 10.00 am. Mayor’s Question Time. The old Fire Brigade headquarters, 169 Union Street, London, SE1 0LL

Click here to download a PDF of the above for sharing.

5 November 2021

Today a banner appeared on the A13, saying Stop the Silvertown Tunnel.

A banner on the A13, Friday 5 November

1 November 2021

Today we are sending an Open Letter to Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London. Tomorrow (Tuesday 2 November) he is taking part in an event organised by C40 Cities in Glasgow, at the COP 26 gathering, saying that this is “our last, big chance” to act on climate policy. Our letter urges him to take HIS last big chance to cancel the climate-trashing Silvertown Tunnel. Please DOWNLOAD the letter as a pdf here, or as a png file here, and share!

October 2021

A new Briefing about the Silvertown Tunnel was published by the Transport Action Network on 6 October. It includes responses to the claims made by City Hall on the issue. Please circulate widely.
The arguments about the tunnel project will be discussed at a public seminar on Thursday at the University of Greenwich. It’s open to all. Sign up here.

Thursday 07 October, 7.0pm

COP26 : is the Silvertown tunnel compatible with London’s climate agenda? This is a hybrid online & physical event, to attend please register using the eventbrite page linked there. Everyone is welcome in person and does not need to be a member of the university to attend.

Sunday 27 June, 5.0pm

Sustainable transport, yes. Silvertown tunnel, no (Click here for a flyer)

On-line discussion – Panel including Rebecca Lush (Transport Action Network); Simon Pirani (energy researcher, honorary professor at University of Durham); Izzet Hickmet (National Education Union / Labour for a Green New Deal); Sian Berry (London Assembly member, Green party); and Ruth Fitzharris (Mums for Lungs). Plenty of time for you to make points and ask questions

To cut carbon emissions fast enough, and to make our city a better place to live, London needs a sustainable transport policy based on public transport, plus support for cycling, walking and other zero-carbon modes. A good start would be to scrap the £2 billion + Silvertown tunnel project, which will produce more car and HGV traffic. Let’s work together for a zero-carbon transport system

A Stop the Silvertown Tunnel coalition event, part of London Climate Action Week

You need to register in advance, for free, for this event:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

□ Football fans please note. It is possible, but not very likely, that England will be involved in a game to be played at 5.0pm on Sunday 27 June. If that happens, this event will be rearranged for later in the evening.

□ More information about London Climate Action Week here.

05/06/2021 Click here to read our report on the march and view the gallery of images.

04/06/21 A letter sent to the London Sustainable Development Commission secretariat and commission members.

Sign our petition!

Sign our petition!

Sign our petition!

Our JustGiving appeal, please donate if you can.

We held a public webinar on Friday 4 December, 11.0am-12.15pm. A panel of expert speakers put the case for cancelling the tunnel, and a second panel of leading London politicians discussed better ways forward for transport in the capital.

Here’s the flyer as a pdf and as a png for posterity.

Please Click Here to see our form letter to send to your local councillor, MP or GLA member. The page also includes help for finding their contact details. (31/10/2020)

NEW PRESS RELEASE (07/10/2020)

New flyer! Click here to view/download. (04/10/2020)

We are very pleased to share this new report calling for an urgent rethink on the Silvertown Tunnel. 

– This report is published by the Transport Action Network, Stop the Silvertown Tunnel Coalition, Speak Out Woolwich and Extinction Rebellion Greenwich
– The report was drafted by Simon Pirani, author of Burning Up: A Global History of Fossil Fuel Consumption (2018) and Senior Research Fellow, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies

The New Economics Foundation, trade union and environmental campaign groups, prominent climate and transport experts are supportive of the report’s conclusions:
We recommend to the GLA and the Mayor of London:
– The Silvertown tunnel project should be cancelled, and the financial, management and other resources freed up directed primarily to projects that support reducing the number of trips required, and modal shift;
– Review and amend the modelling used for the London Environment Strategy, using a range of alternative tools, including the SCATTER tool developed by the Tyndall Centre for Climate Research;
– Review the London Environment Strategy in the light of these models;
– Review the Mayor’s Transport Strategy with a view to redirecting resources towards reducing the number of trips and modal shift, rather than reliance on electric, hydrogen and hybrid vehicles to achieve decarbonisation.
To local communities, campaign groups and political parties:
– Continue to campaign for the cancellation of the tunnel project, and for the re- direction of resources to policies that will effectively tackle global warming.

Please visit this page on the Transport Action Network to read the full report.

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