Alternative uses for the tunnel

The Stop the Silvertown Tunnel coalition is committed to stopping the tunnel project from being realised, because of the impact in terms of air pollution and climate change, and because it takes transport policy in the wrong direction. We also know that now (September 2022) the boring machine for the tunnel is almost ready to start work, and we may not be able to stop the first of two bores from being dug. If the machine starts, it is physically impossible to stop completion of the first bore. We will continue our campaign during construction, demanding that the Mayor of London pauses the project to review it, since it is incompatible with his own climate and air pollution policies. We will also highlight the fact that, if this damaging construction work goes ahead, it could be stopped after one bore is completed – and one, or two, bores could be used not for cars and HGVs but for other types of transport. Here we present some ideas put together by Hugh Chapman, a supporter of our campaign.

“As the construction of Silvertown Tunnel moves ahead, I believe it now makes sense to investigate options for alternative uses of the new tunnel bores alongside pushing for the project to be paused. On 11th August local activists met with Sian Berry, Caroline Russell and Alex Ingram at City Hall to explore such possibilities. Rather than motor vehicle traffic, could one or both of the bores be used to provide a much-needed walking and cycling link across the river and/or a new DLR or tram link?

As well as various alternative options for the new Silvertown bores, I believe it is also worth looking at all the potential combinations of uses across the future Silvertown Tunnel bores *and* the existing Blackwall Tunnel bores. In aid of this, I’ve drawn up scale sections of the 4 tunnel bores which can be used as a worksheet for this exercise.”

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