Stop the Silvertown Tunnel in the news.

January 11 2022
Khan accused of hypocrisy over pollution warning – News Shopper

December 18 2021
Scrapping £2bn Silvertown Tunnel would make TfL’s cash crisis worse, Khan insists – 853

December 16 2021
Khan cuts congestion charge a day after poor hit with tax rise to plug TfL funding – Murky Depths

December 14 2021
Silvertown Tunnel campaigners barred from addressing Greenwich Council cabinet – 853

December 11 2021
Council committee calls for Silvertown tunnel to be scrapped – News Shopper

December 10 2021
Tell Khan to stop Silvertown Tunnel, Greenwich councillors demand – 853

December 19 2021
Regeneration, Transport & Culture Scrutiny Panel – Royal Greenwich

October 29 2021
Greta Thunberg joins Day of Action protest in London against fossil fuels – Sky

October 29 2021
Protesters set up ‘climate justice memorial’ at Lloyd’s of London – “targeted Macquarie Group, an investment bank that the protesters have said is financing the Silvertown tunnel” – The Guardian

October 29 2021
Greta Thunberg holds ‘defund climate chaos’ banner as she joins London protest – “Campaigners also want the banks to cut their support for the building and maintenance of the Silvertown Tunnel” – The Mirror

October 29 2021
Protesters demand London banks stop funding fossil fuels – “…the banks [to] stop their support of fossil fuels and the building and maintenance of the Silvertown Tunnel…” – ITV News

October 29 2021
Protesters demand London banks stop funding fossil fuels – “…the banks [to] stop their support of fossil fuels and the building and maintenance of the Silvertown Tunnel…” – Evening Standard

October 26 2021
Silvertown Tunnel will undo benefits of ULEZ – News Shopper

October 22 2021
London drivers ditching diesel cars six times faster than rest of UK – “While we welcome the expansion of Ulez, the mayor can not be taken seriously on climate or air pollution as long as he insists on pushing ahead with this project.”  – The Guardian

October 04 2021
How the Silvertown Tunnel became a climate disaster for Newham’s communities of colour – gal-dem

September 24 2021
News article on the BBC – via twitter

September 23 2021
News clip from ITV – via twitter

September 24 2021
Sadiq Khan warns of ‘catastrophic’ climate crisis facing London – with Hackney at the sharp end – Hackney Citizen

September 23 2021
Climate change: London Mayor calls for urgent ‘global action’ while warning capital’s schools and homes face flooding – Sky News

September 11 2021
New Thames tunnel will make London pollution worse, warn climate activists – The Observer

September 10 2021
Silvertown Tunnel delays would see affordable housing in Greenwich reduced by 525 homes – Murky Depths

August 17 2021
Sadiq Khan criticised for Thames tunnel go-ahead – Evening Standard

August 16 2021
6 things you should know about the controversial Silvertown Tunnel – TimeOut

July 30 2021
The Silvertown tunnel will undo Sadiq Khan’s environmental legacy – The Guardian

July 25 2021
Sadiq Khan’s party tells him to halt ‘polluting’ Silvertown Tunnel in overwhelming vote – Independent

July 12 2021
Pollution solution or an environmental disaster? – Air Quality News

June 29 2021
‘The Mayor won’t change his mind’ – People and Nature

June 27 2021
The Guardian view on getting to net zero: the crunch is coming – The Guardian

June 25 2021
Khan under pressure to ‘pause and reflect’ over Silvertown Tunnel – New Civil Engineer

June 11 2021
I won’t cancel the Silvertown Tunnel, mayor Sadiq Khan insists – 853

June 07 2021
Newham communities say: Stop the tunnel Tunnel – Listen To Locals

June 07 2021
600 march against Greenwich to Newham Silvertown Tunnel – News Shopper

June 07 2021
Newham communities say: Stop the tunnel – Green World

June 07 2021
Labour accused of blocking ’embarrassing’ questions to Sadiq Khan – Newham Recorder

June 04 2021
City Hall Labour blocked ’embarrassing’ questions to Sadiq Khan – Local London

June 04 2021
Labour blocked ’embarrassing’ Silvertown Tunnel questions to Sadiq Khan – 853

June 01 2021
TfL ‘pays £10m’ to settle Silvertown Tunnel dispute as opponents plan new protest – 853

May 13 2021
Revealed: TfL has already spent £56M on Silvertown Tunnel – New Civil Engineer

May 11 2021
Hackney Mayor defends apparent U-turn on controversial Silvertown Tunnel plans – Hackney Citizen

May 10 2021
Think again on Silvertown Tunnel, local MPs urge victorious Sadiq Khan – 853

May 05 2021
Thoughts on Ella-Kissi and the Silvertown Tunnel – Thoughts on Things

May 05 2021
Scrap Thames tunnel or lose our support, activists tell Sadiq Khan – The Guardian

May 04 2021
Silvertown build costs Khan backing from Friends of the Earth – Inside Croydon

April 29 2021
“The Londown” podcast dated today – The Open City Podcast

April 27 2021
Environmental experts call for halt to Thames tunnel plans – The RIBA Journal

April 23 2021
Extinction Rebellion urges Sadiq Khan to cancel Silvertown Tunnel – Newham Recorder

April 23 2021
DfT and Sadiq Khan urged to rethink ‘foolhardy’ Silvertown Tunnel – Ends Report

April 23 2021
Academics demand ‘emergency review’ of Silvertown Tunnel – Architects’ Journal

April 22 2021
London Mayor 2021: What’s really been happening with environmental policy under Sadiq Khan? – OnLondon

April 22 2021
Silvertown Tunnel: Extinction Rebellion protest at City Hall – Local London

April 22 2021
DfT urged to sanction ‘emergency review’ of Silvertown Tunnel – New Civil Engineer

April 22 2021
Luisa Porritt: Scrapping Silvertown Tunnel ‘a top priority’ – Times-Series

April 22 2021
‘Towards a Mayor4CleanAir’ Hustings: SWLondoner’s Verdict – SW Londoner

April 22 2021
Luisa Porritt: Scrapping Silvertown Tunnel ‘a top priority’ – Local London

April 21 2021
Experts urge Sadiq Khan to cancel new Silvertown road tunnel on climate grounds – The Independent

April 16 2021
Silvertown Tunnel opposition grows – Partnerships Bulletin

April 15 2021
Silvertown Tunnel protesters spray on Thames embankment in protest – Murky Depths

April 15 2021
More protests threatened as anti-Silvertown Tunnel slogan jet-washed onto embankment – 853

April 15 2021
Activists jet-wash Silvertown Tunnel message onto riverbank – News Shopper

April 15 2021
Activists jet wash the message of the Silvertown tunnel to the riverbank – London News Today

April 12 2021
Sadiq is talking tough on climate – but actions speak louder than words – Left Foot Forwards

March 24 2021
There’s still time to stop the climate-trashing Silvertown Tunnel – People and Nature

March 24 2021
Silvertown Tunnel pollution monitoring undecided despite work having started, Khan admits– 853

March 18 2021
TfL should ‘rebuild trust’ with locals over Silvertown Tunnel, officials told – 853

March 18 2021
Mayor doesn’t know final cost of Silvertown Road Tunnel – Siân Berry

March 05 2021
It’s not helpful to talk about Silvertown Tunnel, says Greenwich’s climate emergency chief – 853

March 03 2021
London Labour members stage late revolt against Sadiq Khan’s Silvertown Tunnel – 853

March 03 2021
Calls for Mayor of London to cancel Silvertown Tunnel grow – London News Online

February 18 2021
Campaigners “fury” over tree loss in Silvertown Tunnel plans – London News Online

February 18 2021
Does London need the Silvertown Tunnel? – ours to save

January 25 2021
More than 4000 Londoners died from air pollution in 2019 – This Is Local London

January 25 2021
More than 4000 Londoners died from air pollution in 2019 – This Is Local London

January 23 2021
Silvertown Tunnel plan risks lives, say campaigners – Socialist Worker

January 20 2021
Doctors urge Tower Hamlets mayor to end support for Silvertown Tunnel – Newham Recorder

January 20 2021
Silvertown tunnel an ‘assault on health’ of locals, warn doctors – The Guardian